Dagny Rocks, a memoir from a lifetime at sea

It’s an eBook.cropped-porlamar-to-navimca-265.jpg

Rhea grows up in the hippie days of the 70’s aboard a hand-built, ocean-voyaging tugboat, home-schooled with her siblings while her parents tow nuclear-reactors and molasses barges. Later she joins Icelander Petur on his 72 foot sailing ketch, Dagny, as they voyage for eight years from Newfoundland to Poland to Venezuela and back. “Nobody has more sea-time than Rhea!”

With an ever-changing crew, Dagny voyages nearly non-stop happily surviving mechanical failures, ripped sails, a keel conversion, irate port captains, multiple mast-removals, and two Newfoundland winters. Petur and Rhea try land life again, before motor-sailing to Greenland and Iceland on a 44 foot Moody delivery.  Adventures continue when Dagny is put back together and sets off for points south. As they re-visit ports from Rhea’s childhood, she flashes back to the days of growing up on a tugboat.

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3 responses to “Dagny Rocks, a memoir from a lifetime at sea

  1. I would like to read your book…sounds very exciting….Greetings from Germany .. Lars Newe

  2. Having worked with you for a while, meeting your family, and hearing some of your adventures first hand, I look forward to reading the book. Hope it’s a smashing success!

  3. Dagny Rocks is a fun series of stories about the adventures that occur on an enormous sailboat. The main characters travel from the North Sea to the Caribbean Sea, along with an interesting series of crew members. The tribulations one faces in the many ports Dagny dropped anchor were written in such a way that, even though one might lose one’s mind at the time, were laugh-out-loud funny. Hindsight works that way, I suppose. Encounters with oddly interesting people always make for good storytelling. The author seamlessly incorporates her personal experiences, growing up traversing oceans on a tugboat with her family, into the mix. The rhythm of the book is a continuous flow, almost like a cadence, that draws you in and makes it hard to stop reading merely because the chapter ends. Imageries of the lush, beautiful, while varied, islands of the Caribbean, and even the crazy bustle of the native culture easily lend cause to want to visit. A nice, easy, pleasant read. I highly recommend it.

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